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Dream Girl Liquid Gold Bonding Glue Remover

Liquid Gold Bonding Glue Remover
Price: 3.96


Liquid Gold Bonding Glue Remover



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Positive Customer Review
Vikki (Guest)
Used with nit comb..took me 20 mins to remove horrendous build up of glue!
i could quite happily put loads of glue in my hair now..just to remove it was unbelievably fast and easy to do..

I had a lot of build up as i could never quite get it all i just poured a whole 4 fl. oz on my head.left it for half an hour..the glue literally glided out with ease..even in areas where i had thick clumps..!

Feels quite oily..but add shampoo BEFORE adding any will go!-do same if ever washing hair with olive oil..then it wont go gloopy!

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